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Instructions This app takes links from a source (Delicious and Pinboard for now, more if people request them) and posts them to a journal (Livejournal, Dreamwidth and WordPress for now, more to come).

Enter your details to choose where to get links from, the period to collect them from, and where to post them to.

Links are limited by what the source makes available - the last 30 links for Delicious, the last 50 for Pinboard.

Logged in users can schedule repeated postings, save their settings and set up postings to occur in the future.

Setting it up

The "Test" Source generates random links from the last 24 hours.

The "Test" Blog reroutes output to the screen.

Play with these first to see some sample output, then change the Source to be your actual links (while leaving the Blog as "Test") and make sure it looks right.

Then try a post to your blog - set the "Private" flag if you're using LJ/DW so that other people don't see your test post.

And then, once that works (and you have your password right), do it with the private flag turned off to deo an actual post.

Once you're happy with it you can turn on repeated posts.

Notes If you have problems please email andrew@ducker.org.uk. You can log defects and the like over at the GitHub repository.

The site looks nicest in Firefox and Chrome. Tested against IE9, where it looks fine except for the fieldsets not having rounded corners.